Cottage Smedjan - Cabin in Sweden at Lake Bunn (8)

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  • The cottage Smedjan at lake Bunn in Sweden.

    Cottage Smedjan at Lake Bunn

    Our cottage Smedjan is located on the hillside above lake Bunn. The terrace offers fantastic views over the lake and the whole area, yet the cottage is still less than 400m from the boathouse down by the lake. Enjoy your stay with friends or family, there is room for 4+2 people in the cabin.

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  • The boat of the cottage on lake Bunn in Sweden.

    Cabin incl. Boat | Motors are Extra

    A row boat is already included in the cabin price. If you'd rather not row you can rent an extra electric or petrol engine from us. The petrol engine is rented on a first-come, first-served basis and since it comes with the larger boat(about 4,2m) it's worth being fast. If you are not the first to rent, you can still use the electric engine and the slightly smaller (about 4,0m) boat.

  • Zander fishing in Sweden at lake Bunn.

    Zander Fishing in Sweden

    Thanks to the several thousand hectares of water the lake system Bunn, Ören & Kvarnsjöarna at our cottage Smedjan in Sweden is the perfect starting point for a fishing vacation in Sweden. depth charts are available here and you'll get the required fishing permit, engines for the boats and a local fishing guide from us.

    Tips for Zander Fishing in Sweden

  • Our boathouse at lake Bunn in Sweden.

    Our Boathouse at Lake Bunn

    Less than 400m from the cabin, along a private road, you'll find our boathouse. The row boat included in the cottage rent is waiting here and this is a good place to keep your fishing gear. Would you rather rent a canoe or a kayak? No problem, please just ask us.

  • The floating lake sauna of our cottages in Sweden at lake Bunn.

    Optional: Floating Lake Sauna

    Although the cottage Smedjan at lake Bunn doesn't have a sauna of its own, you can add our floating lake sauna as an extra and book it per day or week. By using the lake sauna's boat engine you can roam the lake just as you wish.

  • View inside the floating lake sauna at our cottage Smedjan in Sweden.

    Floating Sauna with Lake View

    We have built a big window in the floating sauna so you can still enjoy the view of Swedish nature while sitting in the sauna. Just like the boats, the floating lake sauna will be docked at our boathouse by the lake.

  • The lakeside cottage in Sweden has a terrace with a lake view.

    Terrace in Front of the Cabin

    Relax on the terrace of the cottage for example while enjoying an evening barcebcuing and watching the sun set over the lake. The terrace is directly connected to the kitchen of this cottage in Sweden with lake view and a barbecue is already here so all you have to bring is the barbecue coal.

  • The kitchen of the cottage in Sweden with its old stove.

    The Kitchen of the Cabin

    The kitchen of the cabin is equipped with a dining table, a beautiful old wood-fired stove as well as a modern stove with two electric stove plates, a refrigerator, small toaster oven, kettle, toaster, coffee machine, pots, pans, glasses, plates and all the necessary cutlery.

  • The cosy living room of our cottage Smedjan in Sweden at lake Bunn.

    The Living Room of the Cottage

    The living room has a sofa bed for up to 2 people and has a cozy atmosphere thanks to the fireplace, wood paneling and the rustic style of the room. Even here you can enjoy magnificent sunsets over lake Bunn.

  • Dogs are also welcome to the living room of our cottage Smedjan with a fireplace.

    Holiday with Your Dog in Sweden

    Dogs are just as welcome to our cottage Smedjan in Sweden at lake Bunn as to our cottage Visthusboden. Both of these cottages are highly suitable for holidays with your dog in Sweden. As is customary in Sweden, neither of these properties is fenced in so your dog should be trained.

  • Bedroom of the cottage with 2 single beds.

    Sleeping Loft in the Cottage Smedjan

    Using a small ladder you can access the upper floor of the cabin Smedjan at lake Bunn, where you'll find the 2 sleeping nooks of the cottage. There are 2 single beds in the nook to the right of the chimney.

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  • Double bed of our cottage Smedjan in Sweden at lake Bunn.

    Double Bed of the Cottage

    To the left of the chimney on the upper floor of the cabin is a double bed. The two sleeping nooks are only separated by the chimney but are still in the same room. If you're traveling with 4 people we would recommend that 2 guests sleep in the living room and that 2 sleep upstairs.

  • Book our guest house if you need more room

    More Room? Book the Guest House

    If you need more room, for example an extra bedroom or simply want more privacy you can book our small guest house, located about 50m away, as an extra (see Price list). The guest house is  completely independent thanks to a bathroom with shower, a small kitchen and a bed for 2 people, but it can only be booked together with our cottage Smedjan or with our cottage Visthusboden. To the Pictures of the Guest House.

  • Winter holiday with a view in our cottage at lake Bunn in Sweden.

    Cabin in Sweden with Lake View

    During the cold season, the landscape around our 2 cottages in Sweden at lake Bunn becomes a winter wonderland with a lot to offer. How about a winter holiday in Sweden with the whole family? You could choose from activities like sledding down to the lake, skiing, ice-skating or ice fishing for pike or zander.

  • Mystical boat tours on lake Bunn in Sweden.

    Boat Tours with Captain Sigge

    From June to August the landlord Captain Sigge offers guided boat tours through the mystical land of the trolls and fairies that have a connection to the canal and lake system. Hardly anyone knows this area as well as Captain Sigge, so on his tours you'll see the landscape through his eyes, with the stories and history that shaped it.

  • Travel with the boat on lake See Bunn in Sweden.

    The Lake System Bunn and Ören

    The gigantic lake system which surrounds the cottage is made up of the lakes Bunn, Ören and Kvarnsjöarna that are connected through many canals. Apart from fish species like zander, pike and perch and many non-predatory fish, birds and other animals also thrive in this area.

  • Fishing vacation in Sweden: Catch gigantic zander on one of our guided fishing tours on lake Bunn.

    Big Zander with our Fishing Guide

    Whether you are a beginner or already experienced with zander fishing - our local fishing guide Henrik Olsson clearly increases your chances of a getting a big zander, pike, trout or perch and adjusts the experience to suit your knowledge and wishes. Aboard Henrik's well-equipped boat with an echo sounding device you'll have everything you need. Fishing gear & coffee is included!

  • A real Swedish pike caught while pike fishing in Sweden.

    Guided Fishing Tours in Sweden

    We also offer to intensively teach our guests new methods like pelagic vertical jigging for big zander & pike or vertical speed jigging for char. If you are interested in learning a new method we suggest that you allow for sufficient time and book at least 3 full days. For prices see our price list. Questions? Give us a call, , daily 15:00 - 22:00.

    More about our guided fishing tours

  • Two elks in Sweden at lake Bunn near Gränna.

    Surrounded by Elks and Nature

    Both our cottages at lake Bunn are in a remote location, hidden in the green nature between the two lakes Bunn and Ören, in a region with many wild elks. Who needs an elk park in an area like that?  Even though the cottages are off the beaten track it's still only 5 km to the popular summer town Gränna situated right on the lake Vättern.

  • The sunset over lake Bunn at our cottage in Sweden.

    Enjoy the Sunsets over the Lake

    In the boat on lake Bunn facing the sunset you get peace, relaxation and nature - what more could you want? Whether from the cottage, in the boat on the lake or from our floating lake sauna, you can enjoy the magnificent sunset over lake Bunn. You can find all photos shown here in a larger version in our photo gallery.

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  • Booking Calendar for the Cottage Smedjan at Lake Bunn

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    The days marked in red in the booking calendar are already booked by someone else. Please choose one of the vacant periods. If our cottage Visthusboden should already be booked please see if our other cottage at Lake Bunn is still available during your requested period or take a look at the booking calendar for our other lakeside cottages in Sweden.

  • Ice skating on lake Vättern during a winter holiday in Sweden.

    Winter Holiday in Sweden?

    You might not think of Sweden at first when hearing winter holiday but Sweden has a lot to offer in the winter. You could go skating on the vast and frozen lakes, skiing, ice fishing, watch an ice hockey game with the whole family and all this while experiencing a white Christmas. So how about a real winter adventure and winter holiday in Sweden with the whole family?

  • Price List for Our Cottage Smedjan at Lake Bunn in Sweden

    Description Booking calendar Prices Details Booking request

    Prices apply in Swedish Crowns (SEK) for one full week from Saturday to Saturday. Higher prices may apply to stays shorter than one week and arrivals or departures on days other than Saturday. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS! A row boat, water and 200kWh of electricity are included in the weekly rent. Please bring your own bed sheets and towels and clean the cottage yourself before your departure or book the according optional services. The prices given in EUR are quoted from Yahoo Finance and are only made available for your orientation. We take no responsibility for the rate used and the accuracy of the EUR prices. Currently you get about 0,10 SEK for 1 EUR.

    Discount - staying longer pays off: If you stay with us for two weeks or more you get a discount the second week and all the following weeks. The discount is 500,00 SEK or 50,00 EUR of the weekly rent of the cottage in the following price list. We differenciate between the following time periods:

    Timeframe 2016 Price / week ca. in EUR*
    01.01. to 09.01. 5250,00 SEK 525,00 EUR
    09.01. to 30.04. 4250,00 SEK 425,00 EUR
    30.04. to 11.06. 5000,00 SEK 500,00 EUR
    11.06. to 03.09. 6000,00 SEK 600,00 EUR
    03.09. to 01.10. 5000,00 SEK 500,00 EUR
    01.10. to 17.12. 4250,00 SEK 425,00 EUR
    17.12. to 31.12. 5250,00 SEK 525,00 EUR

    Optional services Preis in SEK ca. in EUR*
    Bed sheets per person / week 150,00 SEK 15,00 EUR
    Internet / week (wireless, 3GB traffic) 100,00 SEK 10,00 EUR
    Final cleaning service for the house 1000,00 SEK 100,00 EUR
    Floating sauna / day 300,00 SEK 30,00 EUR
    Floating sauna with engine / day 800,00 SEK 80,00 EUR
    Guest house 50m away / week 2500,00 SEK 250,00 EUR

    Extras for fishing vacations Preis in SEK ca. in EUR*
    Electric boat engine per week 750,00 SEK 75,00 EUR
    Petrol outboard engine (5-8 hp) per week 1500,00 SEK 150,00 EUR
    5,1m boat, 20hp + sonar per week >>details 3500,00 SEK 350,00 EUR
    I-Pilot electric engine only for 20hp boats 1000,00 SEK 100,00 EUR
    Fishing permit for entire lake Bunn per week 450,00 SEK 45,00 EUR
    Guided fishing trip 5h, max 2 p. >> details** 3000,00 SEK 300,00 EUR
    Guided fishing tour 10h, 2-4 p. >> details** 4500,00 SEK 450,00 EUR
    * The prices given in EUR are just for your orientation. We take no responsibility for the rate used and the accuracy of the EUR prices. ** Price per boat. The boat of the guide comfortably fits 2 guests at the same time. We recommend splitting the 10h full day fishing trip between 4 guests, which lowers the price to 1.125 SEK per person and gives each guest the opportunity to fish with the guide for 5h.

  • Ice fishing for pike, zander and perch in Sweden.

    Ice Fishing for Pike in Sweden

    Not only spring and autumn are good seasons for pike fishing, but also during winter when ice fishing. In fact your chances of catching several big pike during one day's fishing are the best in the winter. But also zander or perch are fairly easy to catch while ice fishing if you know how to do it. Our fishing guide Henrik Olsson is happy to introduce you to the art of ice fishing for pike, zander & perch. Questions? Tel. Germany, 15 - 22

  • Details & Requirements for Renting our Cottage in Sweden

    Description Booking calendar Prices Details Booking request

    Arrival and departure times for our cottage in Sweden Arrival on Saturdays after 3 pm. Departure by agreement but at the latest on Saturdays 10 or 12 am. Dogs are very welcome! Dogs are very welcome to our cottage, but please mention this in your booking request!
    Questions about cottages in Sweden? Ask us per email! Other periods, arrival & departure days or times are only possible on request. Bed sheets can be rented on request, but please bring your own towels. Smoking is not permitted in this cottage in Sweden! Smoking is not permitted in our cottage! You can still smoke outside the cottage, but we kindly ask you to gather the cigarette butts in an ash tray.
    Details cottage in Sweden: You have to clean the cottage yourself before departure! Please note! You have to clean the cottage before departure and leave it just as clean and neat as you found it or book a final cleaning from us at your expense. Details cottage in Sweden: On arrival you have to leave a deposit of 150 EUR! When getting the cottage key you leave a deposit of 150 EUR which you get back after cleaning the house and handing over the key.
  • Booking Request for our Cottage Smedjan at Lake Bunn in Sweden

    Description Booking calendar Prices Details Booking request

    Instead of using the form above you can also send an email with your booking request to: Please make sure not to forget your name, address, the house you are interested in and the desired period so we have all the details needed to process your booking.

    If you have any further questions feel free to call us between 15 and 22 pm on our German landline number . In case we don't answer straight away please leave a message with your name and landline number on our answering machine. We will gladly call you back - during the afternoon it often only takes a few minutes.

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