Cottages in Småland

Find the perfect Swedish cottage for your holiday in Jönköping & Småland.

Ferienhäuser in Schweden am See bei Jonkoping

If you are looking for a cottage in Sweden in Jönköping and Smaland then you've come to the right place. On this page we offer an exclusive overview of private cottages in and around Jönköping. We only select cottages with high standards and good locations, either directly by a lake or in a more secluded area. We personally visit all cottages and maintain close personal contact with the Swedish owners, ensuring that you will have a truly unique experience in Sweden.

Once you've found the perfect cottage for your next holiday you can book here directly. We handle the entire booking process and remain available to you for the duration of your stay in Sweden. If instead you are looking for a hotel, perhaps to visit one of Elmia's many tradeshows, we also offer a selection of hotels in Jönköping. All of our hotels are conveniently located in the city center, granting you easy access to all fairs and tradeshows in town. We wish you an unforgettable holiday in Sweden - Välkommen till Sverige!

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You've heard of Astrid Lindgren's World, but what other adventures await you in Småland?

Freizeit, Ausflugsziele und Museen in Jönköping Schweden

Jönköping County is well known for its deep forests, clear lakes, blue skies, and typical red wooden houses. Most people have also read the stories of Astrid Lindgren, but did you know that Jönköping & Småland are also famous for matches, glassblowing, and their many churches? There is much more to discover whether you're an outdoorsman, history buff, or just want to relax. Whether its fishing, biking, canoeing, an elk safari, or a romantic sunset by the lake, Småland has a lot to offer the whole family!

Besides the more well-known experiences, we've tracked down some of the best activities that have yet to make it into the popular tourist guides. We've created an overview of the most interesting leisure activities in the region presented on an easy-to-use map. Whether you choose to view the activities by category, such as fishing or horse riding, or want to see them all at once, you'll be sure to find adventures that suit you. We've even included a list of rainy day alternatives, just in case.

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Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Don't miss out on the culinary delights of the region- we'll tell you where to find them!

Restaurants, Bars und Clubs in Jönköping Schweden - typisch schwedsiches Krebsessen

Whether it’s a restaurant with Swedish regional specialties or just the right bar for a cold beer in the evening, we’ve got the Jönköping bars and restaurants under a microscope and will tell you our favorites. So don't leave your dining to chance, trust our local expertise and you won't be disappointed. With only 120,000 inhabitants Jönköping still manages to offer a varied selection of clubbing experiences. Electronic, pop, or alternative, we’ll let you know which ones play your music.

Especially recommended is lunch on the pier during the summer months and the typical Swedish "fika" at Johan’s cafe in the city center. The pier has many different restaurants, but especially delicious are the fresh catches from Lake Vättern. "Fika" is an essential part of Swedish life and usually means sitting down for a coffee and something sweet. We recommend Johan’s Café because of the ambience and good selection of delectable Swedish pastries. You can’t leave Sweden without going out for "fika".

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