Fishing Cottage in Sweden at Zander Lake Nätaren (5)

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  • One of the boats you can rent together with our lakeside cottage in Sweden.

    Our 80m² big fishing cottage with 5 beds sits atop a hill above the zander lake Stora Nätaren. It's about 280m to the lake as the crow flies, so you can see lake Stora Nätaren from certain spots on the premise. The lakeside cottage in Sweden was built already in 1804 and has been highly modernized during the last years. The result of the renovation is a good compromise between modern equipment and historical charm. Our cottage has a well-equipped kitchen, TV with international channels,  internet access with WLAN and 2 bikes at your disposal if you want to explore the area around the cottage. Please take a look in our photo gallery so you can see for yourself. All photos of our cottage can be found there in a larger format.

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  • Our cottage in Sweden at Stora Nätaren.

    Almost Secluded Cottage

    The cottage isn't located right on the lake, but on the other hand you hardly have any neighbors. The only other house within a range of 1 kilometer is that of your landlords Göran & Iréne and their house is still about 120m away from the cottage.

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  • Sweden: Zander fishing in Stora Nätaren

    Zander Fishing in Sweden

    The lake Stora Nätaren at our fishing cottage in Sweden is a real insider tip when it comes to zander fishing. We can get you everything you need, from the necessary fishing permit, to renting different boats and you can even hire a local fishing guide if you wish. Download a depth chart of the zander lake Stora Nätaren here.

  • Our lakeside cottage in Sweden has a cosy bedroom.

    Cozy Bedroom

    The  bedroom of the cottage with its big and comfortable double bed guarantees you relaxing nights and mornings during your stay. Charming details such as an old stove (not in use) and decorated chairs help create a pleasantly rustic atmosphere.

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  • The children's room with fireplace in our cottage at Stora Nätaren.

    Children's Room with Double Bed +1

    The big children's room with a second double bed and an extra single bed gives you plenty of room for family and friends. The room gets its special character from a big open fireplace located right by the door.

  • In this well-equipped kitchen of our lakeside cottage in Sweden you'll find everything you need when cooking.

    Well-equipped Kitchen

    The well-equipped kitchen of this cottage in Sweden has a dining table for 5 people and is located downstairs. You'll find everything you need for cooking here: refrigerator, freezer, a stove with 4 stove plates, oven, microwave, coffee machine, toaster, cutlery, plates, pots, pans, glasses, bowls and more.

  • The cosy room of the cottage has an old fireplace.

    Dining Room with a Fireplace

    Round off your evening after exploring the surrounding nature in this cozy dining room. After a long day of fishing on the zander lake Stora Nätaren, you can heat up next to the fireplace, comparing and evaluating your catches of the day in this relaxing atmosphere.

  • The living room of this lakeside cottage in Sweden has a TV with access to international channels.

    Living Room with TV and DVD

    Downstairs next to the kitchen and the dining room with a big fireplace you'll also find the bathroom with a shower and the living room of the cottage. The living room has a DVD player, a new flat screen TV and through satellite you can view international TV channels from our cottage in Sweden.

  • The red lakeside cottage has a small roofed terrace just in front of the house.

    Small Roofed Terrace

    Right beside the entrance of the cottage, the small roofed terrace allows you to enjoy evenings barbecuing with the whole family without letting the occasional Swedish summer rain disturb you.

  • Zander fishing in Schweden at lake Stora Nätaren: one of the best zander fishing waters in Sweden.

    Big Zander with our Fishing Guide

    Whether a beginner or experienced with zander fishing - our local fishing guide Henrik Olsson increases your chances of a getting a big zander, pike, perch or char, adjusting the experience to your knowledge and wishes. Aboard Henrik's well-equipped boat you'll have everything you need including fishing gear, echo sounding device, and coffee.

  • Pike fishing Sweden in Stora Nätaren.

    Guided Fishing Tours in Sweden

    We also offer to intensively teach our guests new methods like pelagic vertical jigging for big zander & pike or vertical speed jigging for char. If you are interested in learning a new method we suggest that you allow for sufficient time and book at least 3 full days. For prices see our price list. Questions? Give us a call, , daily 15:00 - 22:00.

    More about our guided fishing tours

  • Booking Calendar for the Fishing Cottage in Sweden at Lake Stora Nätaren

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    The days marked in red in the booking calendar are already booked by someone else. Please choose one of the vacant periods. If our fishing cottage at the lake Stora Nätaren should already be booked please see if our other cottage in Sweden at Stora Nätaren is still available or take a look at the booking calendar of our other lakeside cottages in Sweden or our seaside cottage in Stockholm.

  • Price List for Our Fishing Cottage in Sweden at Lake Stora Nätaren

    Description Booking calendar Prices Details Booking request

    Prices apply in Swedish Crowns (SEK) for one full week from Saturday to Saturday. Higher prices may apply to stays shorter than one week and arrivals or departures on days other than Saturday. There are NO HIDDEN COSTS! A row boat, water and 200kWh of electricity are included in the weekly rent. Please bring your own bed sheets and towels and clean the cottage yourself before your departure or book the according optional services. The prices given in EUR are quoted from Yahoo Finance and are only made available for your orientation. We take no responsibility for the rate used and the accuracy of the EUR prices. Currently you get about 0,10 SEK for 1 EUR.

    Discount - staying longer pays off: If you stay with us for two weeks or more you get a discount the second week and all the following weeks. The discount is 500,00 SEK or 50,00 EUR of the weekly rent of the cottage in the following price list. We differenciate between the following time periods:

    Timeframe 2016 Price / week ca. in EUR*
    26.03. to 30.04. 4800,00 SEK 480,00 EUR
    30.04. to 11.06. 6000,00 SEK 600,00 EUR
    11.06. to 30.07. 6500,00 SEK 650,00 EUR
    30.07. to 03.09. 5800,00 SEK 580,00 EUR
    03.09. to 17.09. 5250,00 SEK 525,00 EUR
    17.09. to 29.10. 4800,00 SEK 480,00 EUR

    Optional services Preis in SEK ca. in EUR*
    Bed sheets per person / week 150,00 SEK 15,00 EUR
    Internet / week (wireless, 3GB traffic) 100,00 SEK 10,00 EUR
    Final cleaning service for the house 800,00 SEK 80,00 EUR

    Extras for fishermen & fishing vacation Preis in SEK ca. in EUR*
    Fishing permit, 1 month for Stora Nätaren,
    per person (only sold 1 May - 31 July)
    250,00 SEK 25,00 EUR
    4,3 m boat with electric engine per week 1500,00 SEK 150,00 EUR
    4,3 m boat, 4 hp outboard engine / week 2500,00 SEK 250,00 EUR
    Simple sonar for rent per week 500,00 SEK 50,00 EUR
    Guided fishing trip 5h, max 2 p. >> details** 3000,00 SEK 300,00 EUR
    Guided fishing tour 10h, 2-4 p. >> details** 4500,00 SEK 450,00 EUR
    * The prices given in EUR are just for your orientation. We take no responsibility for the rate used and the accuracy of the EUR prices. ** Price per boat. The boat of the guide comfortably fits 2 guests at the same time. We recommend splitting the 10h full day fishing trip between 4 guests, which lowers the price to 1.125 SEK per person and gives each guest the opportunity to fish with the guide for 5h.

  • Crayfishing in Stora Nätaren

    Crayfishing & Crayfish Party

    During July and August it's crayfish season for us - we like taking our guests in groups of up to 9 people crayfishing and afterwards we invite you to a typical Swedish crayfish dinner ("kräftskiva") and an evening full of good atmosphere and high spirits. This will definitely be an unforgettable experience for the whole family!

  • Details & Requirements for Renting our Cottage in Sweden

    Description Booking calendar Prices Details Booking request

    Arrival and departure times for our cottage in Sweden Arrival on Saturdays after 3 pm. Departure by agreement but at the latest on Saturdays 10 or 12 am. Dogs and other pets aren't allowed in this cottage in Sweden! Pets are not allowed in this cottage. Please take a look at one of our cottages suitable for holidays with your dog.
    Questions about cottages in Sweden? Ask us per email! Other periods, arrival & departure days or times are only possible on request. Bed sheets can be rented on request, but please bring your own towels. Smoking is not permitted in this cottage in Sweden! Smoking is not permitted in our fishing cottage! You can still smoke outside the cottage, but we kindly ask you to gather the cigarette butts in an ash tray.
    Details about the cottage in Sweden: You have to clean the cottage yourself before departure! Please note! You have to clean the cottage before departure and leave it just as clean and neat as you found it or book a final cleaning from us at your expense. Details about the cottage in Sweden: On arrival you have to leave a deposit of 150 EUR! When getting the cottage key you leave a deposit of 150 EUR which you get back after cleaning the house and handing over the key.
  • Booking Request for Fishing Cottage in Sweden at Lake Stora Nätaren

    Description Booking calendar Prices Details Booking request

    Instead of using the form above you can also send an email with your booking request to: Please make sure not to forget your name, address, the house you are interested in and the desired period so we have all the details needed to process your booking.

    If you have any further questions feel free to call us between 15 and 22 pm on our German landline number . In case we don't answer straight away please leave a message with your name and landline number on our answering machine. We will gladly call you back - during the afternoon it often only takes a few minutes.

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